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Default Sunday 2nd January

Fridays weight 13st 13.4lbs (+1lb).

Not noticeably fatter after Christmas, so that's cool.

Must have been in the gym nearly 3 hours today. Not sure how practical that will be all the time. Deadlift aside, an enjoyable session. Loving the RTS principles, couldn't help myself and used it for volume bench too. I should stick with what is working, but this makes more sense the more I think about it.

With a little less intensity it seems I can generate a lot more volume than I expected. Obvious... perhaps.

Power clean (intensity):
No explosion. Felt off.

Deadlift (intensity - should have been):
My lower back is still fried from a heavy session 10 days ago. Confirms to me that (1) I need 2 weeks between heavy deadlift sessions and (2) - pushing myself to the limit is not productive for gaining strength. Also like the idea of warming up with power cleans, but in reality I think it just will tire me out before deads. Won't do it again. Will alternate power cleans and deadlifts weekly for the timebeing, although power cleans weekly would be my preference to work on technique.

Bench press (volume):
80x5 @9, 80x5 @9, 80x5 @9, 80x5 @9, 80x5 @9.5, 80x5 @ 9.5, 80x5 @10.
Technique felt solid. Ended up 7x5 just like Dan John's week one in his one-lift-a-day programme.

Front squat (intensity):
90x3 @8.5, 92.5x3 @9, 92.5x3 @9, 92.5x3 @9.5, 92.5x3 @ 9.5, 92.5x3 @9, 95x3 @9.5, 100x3 @10.
Not done these in over a year. RPE's above are what I thought, but probably more like RPE 8 for the early ones in reality - hence more of a volume session. No bother.

Narrow-grip bench press:

Offset farmers walk:
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