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Default IF Questions

Hi All,

Been lurking here and reading a ton of info. Awesome forum.

Just got a few questions with IF.

I'd like to give it more of a go.

My current schedule is this.

6am - wake up and run
8-4 - work
6pm - train
7:30-8 - Post Workout meal
10-11 bed

Now what type of fast would I be looking at with this schedule?

6am - up and run
12-1pm - Meal 1
4 - Preworkout meal - Meal 2
6pm - train
7:30 - 8pm - Meal 3 and 4
10 - 11 bed

Gives me about a 14 hour fast and 8 or so hours of fed state.

This is okay? Or should I be going a different route.

My main concern is the no breakfast after the morning run on the mornings I do it on which is two/three times a week.
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