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four sets of 12 reps of wt. back ext +35lbs
Misc ab work

240x3,2+1F,2 (my hamstrings and abs where/are crazy sore which didn't help my first wo at a new squat wt. Also, on my second set I felt a slight twingeof pain in my left knee which look some of my focus off of finishing the lift)
225x4,4,4+1F (although my first set was -1, my overall reps were +1 and nearly got all five on my last set)

66lbsx 7 (sup)x6(pro)x6 (sup)
Lost focus on the second set, however, the wt didn't feel any different which I guess is good. Overall the pull-up portion of SS is the only frustrating part. To get one more rep than the previous wo is so hard to come by. Thinking about adding more wt and lowering the reps or just droping pull-ups and replacing them with bent over rows, who knows!
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