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Default Tuesday 4th January

Loving RPE based workouts, enjoying my workout more because I'm not forcing myself to do what I've planned and leaving feeling fresher. No grinding sets. Bit early to assess progress, but hopefully extra volume will carry me forward to the strength of a chubby bear.

RPE 6 = explosive with minimal effort.
RPE 7 = fast with max effort.
RPE 8 = 2-3 reps left.
RPE 9 = 1 rep left.
RPE 10 = maximum (but not muscular failure as I interpret it, i.e. uncomplete rep)

Squat (volume):
112.5x3 @7.5
112.5x3 @8
112.5x3 @8.5
112.5x3 @8.5
112.5x3 @9
Technique feeling much better and posture improved. Not sure whether this is a result of a few quick yoga sessions at home to try and save my battered hips or if it's from front squats, overhead squats, rows.... or all? Not arsed... it's helping.

Press (intensity):
70x2 @9
70x2 @9.5
70x2 @ 10

BWx10 @8 (surprisingly easy)
BWx10 @10
BWx6 @9.5
Felt like I had 13 reps for chins. My best is 14 at lower weight, so happy. Will push for BWx10x3 as not done that before. Now switching weight week by week, rather than doing all heavy weighted.

Bench (explosive):
55x8 @6
55x8 @6.5
55x8 @7

Back extensions:
25x20 @8
25x20 @9
BWx15 @7 (just to flush some blood through).

Feel good. Reckon I may not need to deload with the RTS principles plugged into my plan. That would give me 25% more quality training time. That's got to be good.
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