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Off days: eat ~2300 calories, high protein, low carb, remainder fat. Martin recommends making the first meal the biggest; I do the last meal biggest so I can eat normally with the family.

On days: eat 2800-3000 calories. Since I train in the evening, first meal is about 300 calories very high protein, second meal is about 3-400 calories, with some fruit, after training meal is big :-), meat and root vegetables for me, mostly.
Have you experimented with not eating for 11+ hours after training? If so, how did that work for you?

I'm curious because I've bastardised the protocol by training at 7am and usually eating the first meal only 11+ hours later, and am wondering how much this affects recovery, muscle gain, and fat loss.

Sweet Potatoes are allowed then?
You could try doing it with and without sweet potatoes to see how they affect the dropping of your last few pounds.
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