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I don't remember seeing anything in the 11-12 hour range for breaking the fast, but you can more or less figure out where to go and how from the information he's got up there.

I'm a little perplexed how you're going 11+ hours from training to eating though. Are you working out at 6 am or earlier, then eating at 5 pm or later?

Either way going off of the sample from Martin's Website
Early morning fasted training

Here's a sample setup for a client that trains early in the morning and prefers the feeding phase at noon or later.

6 AM: 5-15 minutes pre-workout: 10 g BCAA.
6-7 AM: Training.
8 AM: 10 g BCAA.
10 AM: 10 g BCAA
12-1 PM: The "real" post-workout meal (largest meal of the day). Start of the 8 hour feeding-window.
8-9 PM: Last meal before the fast.

... Simply mix 30 g of BCAA powder in a shake and drink one third of it every other hour starting 5-15 minutes pre-workout....
If you were to follow that same every other hour schedule, you'd be at or around 50 grams of BCAA on training days. Pretty extreme, and would likely call for tabs due to cost.

I would email Martin to see his take on it.
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