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Gary John
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Big 21, split up is a good way to start a groove and work up.
Shaf had an article in one of the earlier GetUp's on a good
system for the dead. It was a once a week program, but I
forget the details. I was scared to death to dead, I think I was 55
and nervous about injury. Went from 0 to about 350 at a bodyweight of 175.

You might want to leave the bench out and do hang cleans to push presses.
5-4-3-2-1 is a nice work-out. Only suggesting, cuz overhead is going to make you a lot stronger than bench. I went on a bench tear, after I got a base in.

5x5 works, but gets boring by the second day. Shaf has a nice ladder program for an ME day, say once every other week. I use it for rack pulls, where I put in monster numbers (for me) in a few weeks. Rack pulls will get you real strong in the core.
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