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Originally Posted by -Ross Hunt View Post
So what if you have anterior pelvic tilt but you don't lack hip flexibility or have weak glutes?

I definitely have slight anterior pelvic tilt (belt line points down), but my hip flexibility is good; I can jerk-grip overhead squat without oly shoes. If split squat: back squat ratio is an indicator of glute strength, than my glute strength is just fine.

So, does anterior pelvic tilt matter if it looks like your glute strength and hip flexibility are OK, and your back doesn't hurt?
Do you think your hip flexors are tight/shortened?

I think there is a difference between having strong glutes and activating your glutes when needed? So this would go up to the first thing I asked about tight/shortened hip flexors.

I'd just take a look at the article that Ron posted and look at a few things they listed under anterior pelvic tilt.
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