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Actually I agree completely with John. I'm pretty good at power cleaning and still learning on the squat clean. My coach doesn't want me to do any power cleans at this point, for the reasons John mentions. I should have written that workout A was hang squat clean instead of power clean. Yesterday, part of the workout with my coach was just doing 40k hang squat cleans, getting lower and lower. I can power clean 95k so 40k shows just how much it's about technique.

Having said that, we started several months ago with the power cleans (or more correctly, "hang barely squatting cleans") in order to get the pulls right.

I have to say that compared to the official CF mantra of doing the Burgener workout until every move is perfect before doing any weight, I prefer my coach's approach. He tolerates some errors but works around them, and then comes back to them when the trainee is ready to learn. Of course, CF is designed for situations where there is no coach, and it would be dangerous to start everyone into heavier weights with only partially good form.
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