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BJJ has been hard this week, partially because i missed so many days the last month or so that i'm being more aggressive. tonight is supposed to be hard. i skipped a workout yesterday so that i could roll again today and get some research work done.

i've been doing YTWL complexes each day, or LTYP as nick tummelo (sp?) renamed them. my last few months of workouts have been a little tough on my shoulders. i'm going to leave some static pressing in the new cycle, but there will be a lot of rowing, shrugs, and LTYP in the next few months.

i think i'm just gonna leave pushups as my primary pressing motion with higher reps. i think the subscapularis could get more work.

on a side note, i talked my dad into squatting the other day. he's around 60, but he still works out regularly. he mostly does upper body and leaves his legs for stairmasters and such. he was nervous of squatting for his knees, but i told him that he could stick with just a bar for as long as he wanted to.

i was gonna send him some videos to check form before he started, but he sent me a text today saying that he already started and he thinks he used too much weight. lol
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