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Hugh Gilmore
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Hi Guys, I just happend to finally get round to making one of these, its sitting curing as we speak, unfortunately im broke and also didnt want to spend a fortune shipping a atlas stone mold to ireland so I knocked together a home made mold.

First of all I took a beach ball and covered it with paper mache, let it set for 3 years yes thats how long ago I started this, lol.

Then I covered the mold in "skim" its the finish coat of plaster that plasters put on block walls , half a bag will cost you nothing if you know someone , then I just added water to the power and smeared it on the outside for strength.

Today it got filled with concrete

its sitting curing now in two days i will try and remove it and see how it looks and let you know.

might have been a wasted post if it all goes pear shaped but its looking good so far.
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