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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Welcome to the PM.

The first question your should ask yourself is 'how does this make me better?' Ignore fancy words and catch phrases like kinesthetic awareness and answer the basic question.

This comes up every few years, most recently with Twight's "300" guys doing deadlifts with blindfolds. I don't buy it at all, especially for the strength lifts, where focusing on a point of reference is one of the first things a lifter does.

Improving kinesthetic awareness is fine. There are just better ways to do it. If you're Luke Skywalker learning to feel the force, close your eyes. If you're walking out 500 pounds from the rack, keep them open.
Thanks for the welcome, and i think I'll post more questions as I have about a million and appreciate all of your responses and views.
I see what you're saying, and it does make a lot of sense. Essentially, it probably doesn't directly make you stronger, but I just thought maybe somebody has tried it and has positive experiences.
Thanks again for your point of view.
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