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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
I was in Utah for a month trying a case in federal court. Our trial was right next door to the Mitchell guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart. He is a nasty looking guy who deserves to be split with a hatchet.

I had a set of rings, a sandbag, and Bas Rutten's Thai Boxing workout. I did a lot of bodyweight stuff that wasn't worth writing down. The worst part was seeing my traps slowly disappear everyday.

But I'm back now. I plan to take 2-3 weeks ramping back up to my last 531 cycle.


1) squat
5x5, worked up to 140kg on last set, no belt

2) jerk supports
5x5, worked up to 120kg on last set

3) rack pulls
I remember reading that story over here in the UK, did't he get jailed for that?

Was popping in to say hello, happy new year and to ask how your training experiment was coming along with the addition of some of Joels principles?

Hope you're well mate.

P.S. That Bas Rutten workout is hilarious, well his voice is. We used to use that every now and then during my Muay Thai days, I couldn't help but chuckle when he calls out the commands.

Have you ever seen his self defence vids? The dude is crazy!
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