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Troy Kerr
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I agree with Steven. Although Luis Sarabia seems like a very enthusiastic and talented in all things involving gymnastics, I believe there are no hidden secrets to obtaining the planche. One should always look back into their routine and see if they have not only researched everything possible to improve it, but as well as apply that knowledge. I seek out knowledgeable sources like Steven and Blair whenever I am having issues.
As far as my planche training goes. It is a very high level skill. I am constantly finding things to work on within my static hold sets. I recently noticed that when I switched to an easier variation, that I was favoring my left arm. So I now focus on keeping the balance more precise.
But overall, its $20. I'm sure it has some solid info in there as well. I just would not purchase it with the hopes that it will take the place of hard work and consistent training.
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