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Default A visual reminder

seriously.. don't wait to decide which direction to go to get out from under the bar. This is 4 days later:

Back story.. had already done a bunch of snatch work, making huge progress that day. Decided to warm up for C&J, and was at 75 Kilos (95 is my max so far). Missed the jerk.. elbows didn't lock out, and the bar kindof stalled while I tried to just press it the rest of the way. That didn't work, and instead of ditching the bar and going out the back, I tried to drop the bar to the back. It hit about halfway down my back toward my right side (right leg back for the split jerk), then rolled down and dug in at the iliac crest. Got into my kidney some.. that HURT.. fortunately no blood in urine though. After 2 or 3 minutes most of the pain was gone, to the point that I felt like I could keep lifting. I figured it wouldn't be a good idea though, so I went home. It didn't really hurt for a few days but now I'm beginning to wonder if there is some nerve damage or crush injury. Will give it a couple more days and possibly go to the doc if things don't get better.

And all of this started 10 days before a very important agility test for a fire department hiring process. I love irony.
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