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Default Addressing CF Injuries

Given the way general discourse is headed around here, namely the CF bashing and (more importantly) injury discussion, what would you recommend generally to existing CrossFit affiliates to head off these more common injuries. SLAP tears seems to be the injury du jour, but it seems like some folks here scour the CF boards more than I do and may be aware of other common injuries.

I've been running a CrossFit affiliate for about 4 years. We have about 200 members. I've seen one SLAP tear in my time, which is one too many.

Keeping in mind the things below, what would the PTs/internet gurus propose change or initiate, specifically, to movement selection, screening procedures, and overall programming?

1) CrossFit won't disappear overnight, no matter how badly some people would like it to.
2) If it does, there will still be people doing the same things - trust me, I've see much worse stuff going on in many other gyms, conventional or non conventional.
3) Any changes made to curriculum would have to apply more or less to everyone at the gym. The group class structure is central to the business model of most affiliates.
4) Suggestions have to be practical.

We've been going through asking ourselves the same questions, and making corrections since we've been around. I've seen most of what this message board has had to offer, and certainly picked up good information, but I thought it would be appropriate to ask the question more directly.

This board was at one time a wealth of knowledge, and a place where many CrossFit folk would come to learn something. I see Cathletics as having a huge role in addressing strength issues in CF affiliate programming, leading to more structured, informed methods, and I see you guys as having the ability to continue that role. No one owes any information to myself or any other affiliate owner, but there seems to be some real and general concern for the rhabdos and torn labrums of the world.

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