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Geoffrey Thompson
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1. Ed Coan doesn't do this. QED.
2. Ed Coan doesn't do this. QED.
3. They definitely correlate and the relationship is complicated.
4. I wouldn't know.
5. Ed Coan doesn't do this. QED.
6. Complicated. Not an expert, but, yeah, your work in the gym gets you fitter, your practice on the field gets you better at the sport.
7. Do not do CrossFit. If this is something with known demands, program to your demands. Have a strength and conditioning program that develops the strength and conditioning you need for your sport and then have sports practice to develop the skill you need in your sport and to express your improved capabilities in the sport. If your sport requires that you be strong, you should probably include barbells in your S&C. If your sport requires that you run long distances slowly or do something similar, you should probably have some long distance running in there. There are very few disciplines where "just doing the sport" is adequate.
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