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Originally Posted by Ken Urakawa View Post
The problem is I'm fit enough to run pretty hard for 90 minutes, but I'm not used to sprinting that long, so my hamstrings (especially knee flexors) are just getting abused.
Exactly! I do some sprint training and it's going to get cranked up here soon to prep for the July competition. The drawback of CrossFit I suppose. I had no problem going b*lls-to-the-wall on every play, but I had a feeling I was going to feel it yesterday since my hip flexors were starting to give it to me during the game. I'm just lucky the guy I was covering on defense didn't want to go out for passes and the quarterback wasn't up for challenging me. He had plenty of open guys.

No access to an ice bath (I'm in a hotel and wasn't gonna go back and forth to the ice machine 17 times), but a nice long contrast shower and 10 hours of sleep last night worked wonders. Now I only feel like I was mildly abused instead of feeling like I was gang raped (I can only imagine how that feels *knocks on wood*).

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