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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
What are your current abilities?

Not sure what intermediate strength/skill standards are

do you have any particular gymnastics goals?
So far:
Deadlift 2xBW
Bench Press 0.75xBW
Squat BW
Shoulder Press 0.6xBW

Can do 10 strict pull-ups, 15 strict dips, 60s handstand hold and l-sits.

For my gymnastic goals I want to be able to advance through front/back lever progressions, and other static movements like manna and planche. Nothing too crazy. Just to supplement my climbing training. But I can't find some sort of programming that I can do! Just overwhelmed with new material, I suppose.

I have also heard that it is best to solely do gymnastic training, and not incorporating weights at all? I am not trying to get big or anything - just performance.

Also, I am concerned with the amount of pulling that I do with gymnastics might make my tendons overtrained

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