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Originally Posted by Blair Lowe View Post
My only concern with drinking tea everyday is if their is some residual effect of always being caffeinated since caffeine replaces dopamine if I remember correctly?

Also need to check out black tea vs green tea. Something different than water while coaching to get me through coaching then workout.
When you brew tea most of the caffeine is released in the first 60 seconds so if caffeine is an issue you can de-caffeinate it by pouring the water away at this point before adding more hot water. Also if you're using good quality tea you can re-brew the same leaves two or three times without a loss of flavour and only the first cup will contain a significant amount of caffeine. It's worth investing in a good teapot if you're going to do this but a traditional Chinese mug with a lid works well if you're only making a single cup and don't mind getting the occasional tea leaf in your teeth.
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