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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
I have been his methods to prepare for a judo tourney. I am two weeks out. I missed a week a couple weeks ago due to injury. I'm liking it so far. I'm back to strength and tempo work, which, together, is a bitch.


135x2, 155x2, 175x2, 185x2, 190x2
195x1, 200x1, 205x1, 195x1, 195x1

95x10x3 @ tempo 2020, rest 40 s.


225x3, 275x3, 315x3, 365x3, 385x3

185x10x3 @ tempo 2020, rest 40 s.

This are incredibly grueling but incredibly useful.

Early on I did a lot of explosive repeats and aerobic plyos. For recovery, I just do sandbag walks (walk 30-40 min. with a 70# sandbag).

At this point, I'm doing a bit of strength work and a lot of threshold training (1 min. rows, 500m rows, with 5 min. rests).

After two weeks, my randori (sparring) dramatically improved because I was able to maintain posture. And, of course, the best conditioning for judo is continuous hard randori. Other than the injury from a 2-hour wrestling session, I've been really pleased.
i tried tempo yesterday with squats, ring pushups, and ring rows. the squats sucked. every impulse in me wants to rocket out of the hole as hard as possible. i think i might do it with lunges next time because i'd like to squat heavy for my secondary goal/maintenance workout (i can't BB squat more than once every 7-9 days).

i definately noticed a deficit in my tempo rows. i've known that there's been a problem with it for a while, but my pulling strength seemed to work fine for most tasks, probably because my hips could take over. i think i have very little aerobic capacity of my upper back muscles.

i'm gonna stick with more of the general endurance block because of this deficit primarily. i think my shoulder issues may stem from a lack of endurance as opposed to a lack of strength in my upper back.

for my secondary goal, i might actually pick explosive rather than ME (i'm getting a bit bored with doing ME for so long), but i still want to do ME squats, so i might try his complex method and do box jumps after squats.

day 1:
cardiac ouput/threshold/hict (depending on block a or b)

day 2:
tempo + some cardiac output (not as long)

day 3:
explosive + complex method for squats

i might start this after arnolds and do the general fight prep for the tourney first.
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