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Originally Posted by Peter Dell'Orto View Post
The thing about step-ups to a high box is that they are utterly technically simple. Even when I'm 19 minutes into a second 20-minute set of them I'm still doing a proper step-up. I'm not sure I'm doing a proper pushup 19 reps into a 20 rep set.
So I'd suggest picking something that is so technically simple that you can do a good rep even when exhausted.

You do need a heart rate monitor. I did them once by feel (forgot the monitor) and it just wasn't as good. Too hard to gauge. Even if you spend only $30 or so on one that does nothing more than show your current rate it's worth it. So much so I'm starting to consider saving up for a better model that will show my overall performance so I can better track it. My coach started to experiment with this stuff on me and nagged me to get one. I resisted for a while but when I finally did it the methods suddenly became more clear and their benefits were instantly noticeable.
i didn't do a pushup in the renegade row. i just did alternating arm rows while one rested on the KB on the ground. i piked to take some weight off the support hand so that i could go for a long time.

by definition, does a renegade row normally include the pushup?

i was able tune out a bit and still pull with decent form. i prob did around 30-40 minutes total with a few breaks here and there. i didnt' really time myself, i was just listening to some doug stanhope bits on youtube before i had to go to BJJ.

so what is the real benefit of the expensive heart rate monitors over the cheaper ones? are the cheap ones accurate enough?
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