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I recently read the Core Performance: Endurance book and found a few tidbits that might interest you. I personally thought I was pretty good with the glute activation thing also because I had used the exercises...etc. But I still didn't do as well on the self evaluation as I thought I should have.

"Lie on your back, legs straight and locked out. While holding this book so you can read it, create a straight line from your ear to your ankle. Now bridge up, keeping the legs straight and lifting the hips off the ground as high as possible...Your shoulders and heels are the only two points in contact with the ground.

Do your feel the tension in your lower back and hamstrings or are you feeling it in your glutes? Stay up now. Don't drop your hips....Now take both hands and poke yourself in the glutes. See if they are both rock hard or if one is firm and the other is flabby. Perhaps they are both flabby, the result of not firing (squeezing). Now relax..."

On the other hand if I hate to say the old "if it doesn't hurt then don't worry about it." Though it could very well be true. I know Alwyn Cosgrove said something to the effect of "training injuries surface in programs months or years down the road.." very loosely paraphrased, but I think you know what he meant.

I guess the thing is to keep an eye on it especially if you work at a desk job or anything that requires you to do a lot of sitting i.e. driving.

Geez your front lunge must be beastly! I couldn't imagine doing that much weight I'd crumple.
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