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I dunno, I thought a renegade row always included a pushup. I also thought a burpee also included a pushup, which made the first pullups/burpees/ring pushups tri-set I did suck at a level that's hard to describe.
But if you're just rowing, I could see it for HICT. Although I personally doubt my ability to stay in that position without any bowing, arching, or twisting, which is why step-ups make so much sense for me. Even exhausted I can do one correctly (drive the foot down, hips forward, stand tall, etc.).

I got an Omron heart rate monitor. It seems accurate enough; it gives me consistent results and comes within a few beats of my own count. The more expensive ones like the Polar RS100 that Joel recommends have more features, but I haven't tried one yet. Deep down I'm a bit miserly so if the one I already have works, why not wait a bit before I buy a new one?
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