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Thursday January 13th

Kroc Rows

Right arm is still going quite strong but I'm starting to have to really work for the last few reps with my left arm. 1 more week and I double what I started with. Giggidy. I'm thinking the ease im linearly progressing with sets of 30, and how much I added to sets of 10+ with 5/3/1 and how much less went on my 1RM that I might be suited to higher reps, maybe.

Gripper Hold
21 20 17 R
15 14 11 L

I dont even have much desire to continue on with the number one hold for time anymore, just want to move on to the 1.5. 20+ seconds is good enough for me.

Ah yes, and I managed to one hand pinch grip deadlift 2 25's the other day[/brag]. Feels good to have an aspect of strength training I dont naturally suck at. 4 10's elude my grasp though (lol).

Thought I would post this too because it blew my mind:

Barbell Holds

Not much of an improvement, but an improvement none the less.
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