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Originally Posted by James Evans View Post
Over here a burpee is what you call a squat thrust and a squat thrust is a mountain climber. I do burpees US style but I notice Ross Enamait didn't always add the push up.

Sometimes people call a US style burpee a 'Bastard'. If only:

Squat down & kick the legs out
Push Up
Bring legs back in
Star Jump from the squat
Land and squat back down and up
1 rep.

I think Renegade Rows were originally just the rowing portion back when John Davies pulled the world of xtreme S&C out of his arse while standing on a space hopper. Guys like Mike Rutherford denote DB Push Up-Rows. You kind of know what you're doing then.
Burpees have always been burpees up here in Newcastle. In the Royal Marines they were called "bastard", because your PT gave you them and at the top of the rep you had to shout out "bastard" as loud as possible, not shouting loud enough resulted in motivational consequences. What could be more of a motivational consequece then doing them in full kit? Plenty!!

Squat thrusts up here are hands on deck, kick your feet back to a plank position and back, basically a burpee, but without the push-up element.
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