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Default Deadlift vs Back Squat for gymnasts

At our gym now, some of the coaches for the teams have the kids back squat. All we have available is two cheap bars and so I've heard, maybe 65lbs of plates (oddly some are rectangular shaped). Btw, I'm also one of the new team coaches.

This is fine for some of our kids given their size but obviously not enough for some of our older athletes (we have one guy who is in HS besides a few girls who are probably JH-HS).

Most of them seem to squat pretty low. I just need to get up there and tell them to push their ass back as they lean into their knees. However, this isn't really the point of this thread. Whether this is due to lack of knowledge by the coaches or execution by the gymnast, I dunno as I haven't gotten up there or talked about it with them.

They seem to be doing this 1-2/week. I'm not exactly sure of sets&reps but I'll guess it's something like 3-5 sets of 5-10reps. No, we don't have a squat rack and it's on a floor with carpet over foam. Yeah, not ideal but there isn't really area of the gym that isn't covered.

Now, I was wondering if the BS might be preferred due to the fact that it would make all the structure of the body be loaded and thus imparting to more bone density growth.

Whereas the DL does not load the body. Sure, you pull it and thus those muscles should create bigger muscle attachement points on the bones but...

Yes, I'm concerned with hypertrophy for them and safety as well. They generally push-press the weight with a spot. Yeah, I know.

I have implemented doing the DL with my boys fairly well and they loved it. I was staying away from the BS due to the lack of squat racks, safety and possible excess hypertrophy gains.


I'm just wondering. Personally, I was figuring on joining the RSF after payday and doing my lifting there but I'm not opposed to seeing if I can just bring in some plates and bars at the gym (could be free, then). Not exactly sure if they would let me bring in 400lbs anyways besides the bitch getting it up the hill (no car) and if I would have time to lift there given when the gym is open.
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