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Originally Posted by Troy Archie View Post
Cool workout. Is that barbell complex with 95lbs?

Rad OHS. What's your set up like when pushing a number like that? Do you rack it in a power rack,set the grip and step it out? Clean and jerk it overhead? Have a pillar of power..? I find that can only go so heavy (which isn't very) before I psyche myself and stall out.
Yes it's with a 95# barbell which seems light but it starts to tax your grip after a bit after I finished that complex my forearms didn't want to do anything for the next 2 days, not so much soreness but they just felt very weak just doing day to day things.

For heavy OHS's (ok well heavy for me anyway) I will usually take it as a back squat, step out and set a snatch grip then do a snatch grip push press from the back. When I'm done I'll just catch it on my back with some knee bend to cushion it.
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