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Default Darla's Recovery Log

3 Weeks ( almost) post op for a shoulder debridement surgery.( no anchors)

Warm Up:
Crunches/Leg lift with 25#

Shoulder RX - Bands and assigned exercises.
Increased some of the work to a red band. Started out with a yellow. External rotation is still the toughest.

3X10 45#

Today was the first day I could actually get under the bar! Just barely though. Fingertips only so bar only for now.

10X 95

Since I am having to do lower weight for now - higher reps.

3X 20 40#

Girlie Push Ups:
3X10 ( Carefully)

30 minutes on the Spin bike with Tabata intervals.

My goal is to get back in the shape ( or better) I was before I started CF. ( which I won't return to)
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