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Jake showed me a few threads which weren't too positive on CrossFit and I was a little disheartened. I've owned and run a CF affiliate for 2 years. We are doing a PM cycle right now in our gym, have done Wichita Falls programming and our own in past months. We seek out the best for our clients, put safety before intensity and eliminate egos in the gym environment.

There is a large difference between affiliates, but there are many good affiliates out there that incorporate proper warm up/mobility programs, are aware of client issues, properly instruct and teach movements, scale to intelligent levels and program generally pretty good stuff.

If we are taking a scientific approach to the program, then we should know that taking a few examples from some message boards and comparing them to a general CF population is a problematic endeavor. Yes there are problems and everyone needs to improve, but most of the coaches I've met honestly care about the best interest of their clients over a dangerous attempt of some WOD. Most are aware of injury prone movements, weights that are too heavy and issues with over-programming.
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