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Originally Posted by Justin Arnold View Post
Open question to affiliate owners/trainers that do care and program intelligently:

Do you feel that mainsite programming should continue on it's current course? (taking into consideration both CF's policy on scaling WODs and the user group that follows mainsite)
We don't use mainsite programming for our clients as the WODs are too long and too advanced for us to best benefit our clients. I know BrandX does a good job with scaling ideas, but we generally like shorter time domains, focus on strength and higher intensity levels.

For our competitive athletes, we think they are necessary part of training for the games. It would be nice to put more emphasis on scaling for general population. As an affiliate it's our responsibility to take care of our clients. For individuals on their own... well.. they do so at their own risk, but that's not unlike following PM programming or anything else out there.
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