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I'm missing the point. Is it that we do CrossFit? Never argued otherwise.

Autonomy means that we're able to do as we see fit. For some affiliates, that will work out well, for others, not so much. Being autonomous does not mean doing something completely different than mainsite programming.

If you look, I'm sure you can find much more very public "dirt". Bad front squat rack positions. We also throw in a long chipper on occasion. One month, we played around with some mountain athlete programming - talk about volume!

Arien, I'm extremely thankful for those that gave thoughtful/helpful responses. Unfortunately though, this thread is moving back to the standard fare.

You make a very good point. However, my affiliation with CrossFit has allowed me to do a great deal of good for many people, people I would not have otherwise reached. Should affiliates give that up because they don't agree with everything HQ? And, while not day to day mainsite, Andrew has already pointed out that we use mainsite workouts. Again, we get to operate outside of what happens on the internet for the most part, and it's been a good relationship with HQ so far.
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