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Default being a well-rounded athlete

Hi Guys !!!

Personally, I did a lot of sport during my childhood and my youth (I used to play tennis, soccer, I swam, and did a little bit of kick boxing) but right now, Iím a runner. I mean a long distance runner. This is my background. I ran the Paris marathon two years ago and ran some half-marathons and 10K. I plan to run the next Paris marathon, which takes place in three months. I also do workout in a gym for years now. My goal is not aesthetic, but functional. I donít want to get bigger but stronger and faster. I want my strides to be more efficient and lighter. But also want to be a more well-rounded athlete. Iím interested in any side of athletic activity. I want to be fast, of course, but also strong and flexible. I want to be able to do muscle-ups, heavy squats, without losing my running qualities. In one word, I wanna be a Crossfit athlete specialized in long distance running. Do you think itís possible?

How do you think I should split my training session?
Concerning strength, should Focus in Low reps and heavy weights, or should I rather do more high intensity training?

Do you think itís possible to improve in both strength and stamina in the same year?

By the way, I donít mind of getting some pounds if it helps me getting stronger and if it donít damage my running qualities.

thanks Guys !
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