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Hey Russell!

The scale gain looks good for that period of have your strength values increased? That is really where you will drive mass gain is increasing load. Think about what type of engine is necessary for a 3155 clean, 200lb standing press etc.

I think the lean 205-225 range is both reasonable and a good place for you to be to optimize performance. Good numbers to shoot for but chase the performance first and the scale weight will follow. The AM food issue is likely not a big deal. If your progress stalls and you feel like your meals are getting too large certainly consider adding a meal in the AM just to spread things around.

AS to the rambling and unfit grammar...well, Greg Everett has a degree in english and has taught english at the college level. We are still subjected to his drivel, so I guess what I'm saying is, No worries you are among friends!

Keep us posted on your progress.
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