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Finally. Talk about me being extremely damn lazy.

Auge Workout2, Week1

Seated press and front squat practice.

Front squat: 10x3

315x3 (x4)
335x3 (x1)
355x3 (x1)...very hard. Almost missed the last rep twice. 1 time by stalling when coming up, and the second time when the bar almost rolled out of the rack position when I bent over a bit too far.
315x3 (x4) ...well, about set 8 I started to try to talk myself out of the last two sets. I pushed through the voice.

-I'm going to be singing the volume blues. After the sets at 315 got "easy" I wanted to titrate the sets of 3 upwards to a higher percentage of my daily 3RM. Cybernetic periodization at it's finest! Notice I ended up back where I started.

Then my daughter woke up from her nap. So, I will have to do the second half later tonight. How convenient.

That would be:

Conditioning: 5 rounds for time
Cleans x3 (I did PCs)
DLs x 6 (I did sumo just to do something really different, I never sumo)
Floor press x9

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