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Re: creatine
Of all the nonsteroidal, nonstimulant ergogenic aids, creatine is the most widely used and marketed.78 Its prevalence ranges from sixth-grade students to professional athletes, and it is used without proper monitoring or proven efficacy.
Of all the supplements out there, creatine is the one with the most studies backing it, so much so that it seems to be regarded as a foregone conclusion that it is an ergogenic aid with relatively few and typically easily manageable "side effects" (drink more water to prevent dehydration with it).

That part simply makes me wonder what "proven" means to the Mayo does it have to be a prescription item under a doctor's care? They also talk about monitoring creatine use, and yet give no suggestions as to how that should be done, while saying that
Fortunately, the number of adverse effects are few and dose dependent, including weight gain, muscle cramps, and gastrointestinal distress.80
There are some very valid points in the article, however, in my opinion it is simply a supplement-bashing article, arguing that all supplements must be proven safe first (while drugs are okay even while proven dangerous).
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