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Last night was a very interesting night at gym. Most of practice was the usual, but I did get a chance to touch base with our other coach when he had the girls lifting.

btw, coach in question was introduced to squatting back in country when he was a kid. He told me for the past 5 years he's been experimenting with his gymnasts at his former club and found:

- He likes HBBS and push press. He was concerned that too often it seems that girls in his opinion compared to the BS are harder to train in the DL and there is the possibility of injury should their form get crappy. Preferably he has them squat to parallel but it sounds like they also do Wave Squats and 1/4 squats and jump squats as well as heel raises with a bar in BS position.

- He asked me of my experience with the barbell lifts and olympic lifts and was pleased that he had another coach on his side. Another high level coach in our area uses them as well and spoke about CrossFit last September with Tuck at our Regional Congress. I had a pretty good conversation with said coach about deadlifting and the benefits of the 2nd pull for gymnasts.

- I was talking about how I knew another coach was experimenting with the split jerk and he thought that was pretty cool. We talked about finding an area of the gym to put the weights in as he just got another bar. I mentioned about getting a squat rack but forgot to say SQUAT STANDS.

- One of his biggest likes of the lifts is the fact that most other power sports use the olympic lifts and OL are known to have incredible VJ. He said he had mainly studied a lot of Soviet texts and in his opinion, lifting helps tumbling power A LOT and is crucial to 3 events.

- As for UB, it's a good trade-off as most americans tend not to be the ultra tiny asian gymnast types. Think Shawn Johnson, Dominque Dawes, Alicia Sacramone besides others. Nastia is very different from those types.

- I will probably bring in a printout of Barry Ross's article.

- Frequency seems to be 2x/week to possibly 3x/week for girls in the gym 6d/w. Right now I'm thinking of the idea of 1d of BS, 1d of DL. I still like the DL for the girls back strength and having tested some of their lower back strength and the fact they don't swing on rings, it's not as strong as I'd like.

- 3 sets seems to be the fashion with lower weights and higher reps for younger lifters to perhaps 1-3 for in season and 3-5 for off season.

- One of his girls that is going to UCLA who has some incredible tumbling skills 1/4 squatted 348lbs. I like the DL because it is very similar to the 1/4 squat but also provides lower back strength, something a lot of our girls lack from and sometimes eventually quit gym from weak lower backs (and probably lots of limber movements favoring lumbar instead of their tight shoulders).
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