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Haven't posted in a while

I've been trying to implement joel jamieson's methods

I'm doing a primary focus of general conditioning with a secondary focus of explosive power

last week i did three workouts
1) cardiac output using jump ropes and rowing machines
2) tempo method and shorter cardiac output
3) explosive repeat: 10s work, 50s rest for 8 rounds using the following exercises
- box jumps for 2 series
- swinging dips
- clapping pushups
- pullups
- power hang cleans

i was pretty sore from the explosive workout

today i did HICT today doing 2 rounds of 20 minutes on a high step box at about 75% up my thigh; i tried carrying an empty bar for most of the time, but eventually my traps kept dying. thus holding DB didnt' help much either since it just hit my traps again. i ended up draping a 30# chain around the back of my neck and that made it great

i'm gonna try doing a HICT round next time of alternating single arm deadlifts

although i like the explosive work and i probably need it, i already miss heavy squatting, planche, and FL work. i'm doing handstands for fun and in my warm ups, so that's still in a bit, but with way less volume.

the complex method sounds appealing b/c i could mix up the explosives w/ ME stuff, but that's supposed to be a doozy on your CNS. i guess i'm caught between wanting the conditioning and wanting the skill/specific motion.
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