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i tried HICT w/ box step ups set almost to groin level. i tried using a regular bar for as much as possible, but my traps would die after a while. i had to keep cycling the bar on and off until eventually somebody suggested using a 30# chain. that was much nicer.

i did 2 rounds of 20 min. my knees don't really have problems, but they felt worn out later that night. i might limit that to 1 set and maybe less minutes next time.

i considered doing HICT w/ alternating 1 arm DL (DB, BB, KB; whatever feels best). anybody have an opinion on this? i figure alternating would allow the upper body to not burn out before the lower body, and as long as grip maintains, a decent weight could be used. i'd like the grip work.

i should be getting som fat gripz soon. that could be nice for this
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