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Geoffrey Thompson
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do you know anything about burpees causing shoulder issues? i am on day 51 of the 100 burpee challenge and one person doing it with me has to drop out because of shoulder pain... then i read on another thread where someone's shoulder issues were pushed over the edge from doing lots of burpees... any thoughts?
Just noticed this on the CrossFit injury boards. One good thing is to reconsider things like the "burpee challenge". High volume of the same movements day after day is a possible recipe for disaster. It can be done and it can be done productively, but you have to be careful. Just always keep in mind the risk/reward ratio. And if you notice certain movements causing problems - the classic example is Dan John noticing his athletes were getting injured from box jumps - consider cutting them out even if they're CrossFit staples like SDHPs or thrusters.
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