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Day 28 Monday

Normally I weigh in on Tuesdays but today because Allen asked here are the details. I will weigh in on Tuesday so that I will keep everything the same with the other results. I grapple for 2 1/2 hours on Monday and I think that it impacts my weight.

Drum Roll Please!
192.3 LB's and 9% BF on athletic and 17% BF on normal
28 days and 7 LB's with the same BF percentages as when I started. I think I could up the CHO and probably speed up the weight gain but I am plenty happy with the overall progress.

Injury Report
Last week was a doozy. I wasn't going to train but decided to go Thursday and Friday. Friday night I am at dinner with my wife (second date of the evening ) and she looks at me and says your face is all busted up. I decided to go easy and ended up with a black eye, bruise right in the middle of my forehead and another bruise middle of my cheek. I got a pretty good chuckle out of it. My knee feels absolutely wonderful ever since I added 5 - 10 fish oil caps per day. My rib hurts like a bear especially when I laugh. My face isn't killing me I know, I know, it's killing you ha ha. All in all its going pretty good.

6 X 6 80 LB Press
6 X 6 95 LB FS (I am up to the big boy plates woo hoo)
6 X 6 120 LB Bench
6 X 10 BE
5 X 10 45 LB DB Shrug
3 X 10 45 LB BB Overhead Shrug

I need to change up my back / scapula exercises. I haven't taken the time to plan them out yet and need to get that done before Wednesday.
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