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Poker forum hate anyone?

Has anyone tried Crossfit?

A friend was telling me about it. I youtubed it and it looks pretty intense.. Anyone have any experience with it? Basically I saw p90x on steroids.
"Crossfit" is the name of the poorly run, money driven organization that is achieving cult-like status amongst morons and fitness bros across the country.

Some of the principles behind their training philosophy are excellent. Most of them are retarded. The results that "doing crossfit" produces can be achieved in a much safer and faster way if you do a little bit of research and intelligently write your workouts yourself.
the 'crossfit' certification process is pretty loltastic. So a lot of crappily run gyms open up advertising 'crossfit' and overcharging for an inferior product.
you would be a moron if you paid ridiculous fees to be a member at a certified crossfit gym where they forced you to do the same cookie cutter workout as all other members all while receiving terrible and false instruction on correct exercise form and diet.
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