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Andrew, quick question:

[QUOTE=Andrew Wilson;85834]Added to page 8:

The VO2max is only optimually developed in 100%-80% VO2max, that's maximal runs in 2mi-13mi. Anaerobic effort exceeds the 100% of the VO2max; that's the purpose of having the anaerobic energy pathways in the first place. Just doing anaerobic training you will not develop the optimal physiological effects that are specifically developed during aerobic training mentioned above. Interval training increases VO2max because these elite athletes that use interval training, do so at a pace, not maximal run, or continue effort at a lower intensity during the rest period; not just stopping as people think. This is seen in Seb Coe's 7x800m (3.5mi), he runs the 800m at 5km pace, which is one way he built his VO2max to run a 3:47 mile, and Roger Bannister's 10x400m (2.5mi+) with two minutes of jogging as rest and 5x800m with 6 minute job as rest.
Just to clarify:

1. VO2 max is developed in mileage between 2-13 miles at 80-100% of your VO2 max
2. Anaerobic pathways are designed to surpass your VO2 max for short periods
3. Interval training, when done NOT at maximal VO2 max or without completely stopping during the resting phase, increased your overall VO2 max.

Am I understanding that correctly? So in order to actually develop aerobic capacity intervals must be performed at a sub maximal pace. So then is the typical CF metcon only developing your anaerobic pathways without significantly improving aerobic capacity?
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