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OK, look, I think bigger swings are worth it b/c the point of calorie cycling is to alternate the hormonal environments needed for losing fat with gaining muscle. Leangains is a good plan for this, but even TNation is now getting on with IF like planning with their pulse fast/feast series.
But all this is a lot... look, i am slightly taller/bigger and a year older than you and have met some of your goals - I recently found success training at noon, fasted, with the 10g BCAA kind of Leangains plan but more athletic liftin - I bring this up b/c you said something about not getting bigger. I was lofting bigger weights but my body weight wasn't changing, and slowly the look was working - pants fitted looser in the right places, people said I looked strong. It all worked until I broke my ankle playing bball.... (there's a lesson there).
So getting stronger at the same weight can happen, it seems to be slow though, and you seem to do a lot of activity.
Start by eliminating non lifting training if you can and see what you can do from there. Prioritize. You mentioned twice in this thread instances of under performing in strength. So back off the other shit and focus for a bit. Prioritize. My 2 cents.
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