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Originally Posted by John Thomas View Post
I am living overseas, so the organizations and training of the doctors probably wouldn't have much meaning to you.

Is there a significant difference (in either effectiveness or potential harm) between prolotherapy using an irritant and the platelet injections?

There are two procedures available here. The first is a "thread" that is implanted and dissolves over time. The process consists of three treatments over the span of three months. Apparently, it is a traditional treatment they have been doing for a long time. So, it's similar to, but probably not exactly the same thing as, the prolotherapy that is going on in the US.

The second procedure is the PRP injection. From what I have been able to find on the web, it looks like most doctors are using PRP for post-surgery recovery, but some are starting to use it for arthritis/joint pain treatment. The PRP therapy is considerably more expensive.
From what I understand of the mechanisms, effectiveness would depend on what the issue is with a joint.

Prolo would tend to be best for injured joints where they seem "loose", as in, the ligaments have been stretched/sprained/torn due to trauma and tightening up the joint would help.

PRP is more for healing degenerative processes in areas that don't normally have good bloodflow (ie. inside joint capsules).

The "thread" treatment is something I'm not familiar with.
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