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I'm no expert, but I think some of these questions can be answered fairly easily.

Do you think itís possible to improve in both strength and stamina in the same year?
Definitely. But I don't think heavy strength training is going to improve your stamina if you're already running marathons. From most of the posts I've read on this site, the general consensus is that to train for a marathon, you run, and run a lot.

I want to be able to do muscle-ups, heavy squats, without losing my running qualities.
Muscle-ups shouldn't be a problem as they're mostly pull-up strength and practice, and I know there's a special population of endurance oriented athletes (Navy SEALs, Air Rescue all Spec Ops really) who do a lot of pull up work. As for 'heavy' squats, truly heavy squats, I don't see that helping you're long distance running. You probably have room for improvement on your base squat numbers without gaining weight (height and weight and some base numbers would be more helpful here), but at a certain point any strength gain is going to hurt your endurance. Also, there's a lot of discussion on this site that dead lifts are better for strength gains without muscle hypertrophy, but that's for the experts to tell you.

In one word, I wanna be a Crossfit athlete specialized in long distance running.
This is known as Crossfit Endurance, and they have their own website of that name, complete with a running and weight lifting WOD. This program helped me drop my 5K time a lot, but that was about it. There's a whole different thread (in this very section) about the effectiveness of Crossfit Endurance and actual endurance events, like a marathon. And to sum it up it's not very effective if you actually care about your time.

Finally, you might want to really think about what your goals are here, because you're talking about being adept at two extremes. Marathon runners are not 'heavy' squatters, and vice versa.
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