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Default Help Losing the Last Ten Pounds

Hey Guys,

So I'm getting a little frustrated at this point.

I've cleaned my diet and picked up the intensity in my workouts. I just want help losing the hardest weight - the last ten pounds.

My diet is mainly Paleo except for post-workout, where I have 1-2 scoops whey protein and 2-3 scoops Gatorade. Each meal is some sort of protein, veggies and a ton of fruit.

I am doing IF which usually lasts between 14-16 hours.

7:am - Wake up
8:am - Work
12: First meal usually
2-3: try to have another meal (sometimes I can't)
3: home from work and off for a run - I run to CF (50-60 minutes 3x per week)
4: CrossFit -
6: Home and PWO Meal
7-8: last meal of the day

My Workouts are usually like this:

Run to CF 3x per week, the other 1-2 times I walk there (25 minutes)
Westside Hybrid type program
Assistance Work
Prowler/Sled or CF WOD

Where am I going wrong?

Not eating enough?

Should I cut back on the fruit and up the veggies to avoid some more of the sugar?

Thanks for any advice.
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