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Which 10 lbs are you trying to lose? Big difference if you are going from 10% to 5% ( from seeing your abs to seeing your striations) or from 15% to 10% or from 20% to 15%.

In general, you are doing way too much work if your goal is fat loss. Use strength training to keep lean muscle mass, and use diet to take off the fat.

Try 10-12 weeks of lifting 2x week, on a 5/3/1 2x week schedule (squat + bench day 1, DL + press day 2, limited assistance, no metcons/prowler). On those days, eat over maintenance, high carb + protein, with most of the carbs PWO.

The other 5 days, eat high protein, low carb, moderate-low fat, under maintenance.

E.g., if you weigh 180 lbs, eat 2700 calories 2x week on your workout days, and eat 2000 calories 5x week on your non-workout days. Do some light fasted walking every morning.
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