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Originally Posted by Charlie Vassallo View Post
I'm going from 15% to 10%. 195ish to 185.

As for my training, I do not want to give that up. My body and I don't like the two day schedule. I feel useless that way. I like the activity.

My numbers and everything are progressing extremely well. The weight isn't falling off like I thought it would.

My clothes fit really good.

I am by no means big, just want that last ten pounds gone to help me in WODs etc...
All you need to do in order to lose 10 lbs at a rate of 1 lb per week is create a calorie deficit of 500 kcal per day. This can be achieved by eating 250 kcal/d less and expending 250 kcals/d more through physical activity. In other words eat less, exercise more.

The eating less part can be as simple as eating 28g less fat per day (28 x 9 =252 kcals) which will have absolutely no effect on your performance or you could play around with the math little and eat 20g less fat (20 x 9 =180 kcals) and 17g less carbs or protein (17 x 4 = 68 kcals) (180 + 68 = 248 kcals total) or whatever. Just remember that cutting fat won't affect your performance but cutting carbs and protein will.

The exercise more part can be as simple as doing an extra 20-30 minutes per day on your least hated choice of your gyms cardio machines or you could go for a run, bike ride or whatever plus walking more, taking the stairs whenever possible and just generally spending less time sat on your ass.

Stick to the plan and ten weeks from now you'll be down to your target weight.
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