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you seem to be on the right track: BB, stands, and bumpers. here's some thoughts

I don't have any experience with the squat stand that you have mentioned, but i always thought rogues stands was a little overpriced, epsecially since you can get comparable stands with other options for roughly the same price....maybe i am wrong there, but i do like the ironmind stands, though it costs way too much to ship out to Hawaii. like joe said, scour craigslist or other adds. if money is an issue, consider the following stands:

i have two of them in my home gym. you can squat, press and bench with them, and i have loaded more than 200 kilos and they handled well, particularly consider the price.

personally, i would consider upgrading the BB to the bearing class. i have 2 of Pendlay HD bushing class, and they don't spin nearly as well as my burgener bar from Rogue (a bearing bar - i love that bar, and can only imagine what even better bars are like. perhaps its the humidity over here or maybe its the bushing class, but i need to get in touch with MD regarding the HD bar, cause its getting worse.

still, my advice here would be to spend more money on the bar than the stands, especially since the bar will get more use than the stands. get a bar that will last close to a lifetime. the HD bushing bar is good, its certainly better than the first bar i bought from Pendlay, but it is not great. i suspect the HD bearing would be worth it.

as for the bumpers, i have seen the wright economy 10# plates crack quite a bit at a local CF gym. i have the Hi-temp bumpers from rogue, and they appear to be indestructible, cost-effective, and environment friendly. but if you are going to get in to WL (judging by your training log), i would consider getting insert kilo plates (my pendlays feel/are stronger than the hi-temps). but that may double (or more) the cost and depends on your intentions.
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